When You Grow Old

What did you want to be when you grew up? What do your kids want to be? How do you guide their choices in that regard? I’ll tell you what I wanted to be at one point in my youth. I wanted freedom. Specifically, I wanted to be a hobo — someone who could travel […]

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Jump Athletic 5th Grade Boys

5th grade boys with the thumbs up after a big win for Jump Athletic. The 5th grade team has come along nicely under the direction of Coach Dacen as they continue to compete at a high level and have improved greatly. They will be playing in several tournaments in and out of state and are a team to watch.

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10 Years of Looking for Answers

"Are you finding that being a dad nowadays is pretty rough? Are you working extra hours to pay for your children's future college expenses and then fretting that you're not spending enough time with those kids you care so much about? …

"As far as I'm concerned, it's a tough time to be a father: High housing costs. Low-paying jobs. Too much time on the freeway commuting. Way too much stress. The list goes on toward infinite."

I wrote the words above 10 years ago when I began this blog. (Note: I would have posted this on the anniversary of April 16th, but Typepad was knocked offline for a week by a Denial of Service attack.) During the interim years, I started thinking, "Ah, things are getting better for parents."

Then the Great Recession, followed by years of unemployment and the dismantlement of the middle class, happened. And we can't forget the increasing threats of global warming, out-of-control college costs and nonstop cuts to public education.

In some ways, the world IS a better place. Say what  you will, but Obamacare has increased overall health care coverage, gays have more rights than before and we have better tech toys than ever. It's those other issues that just keep getting worse. Examples:

  • The rich in this country have been continually disenfranchising the middle and lower classes.
  • Public school funding continues to be cut while Common Core or any sort of true reform is continually under attack rather than constructive support.
  • Our politics are ruled by hate, not positive leadership.
  • Food costs keep rising.
  • Food companies keep finding new ways to lessen the quality of that more expensive food.
  • Fracking will continue to contaminate fresh water supplies.
  • Global warming poses an actual threat to our children or grandchildren.
  • Freedom of press continues to be eroded on numerous fronts, such as the destruction of newspaper companies and legal restrictions on the First Amendment.
  • College costs continue to skyrocket.

Perhaps the most telling evidence comes directly from my children, who blurt clues out when I'm driving them to and from various activities. "Dad, why are other kids so mean?" "Dad, why is fracking allowed?" "Dad, what are chemical weapons?" "Dad, why are rich people so mean to everyone else?"

Those are the kind of questions that leave this dad speechless. Should I say, "We need to be careful to not become like that?" Or maybe, "Yeah, you're right?" Or how about, "Those are just the extremes?" Are they the extremes?

What do I say? To be honest, I do not know.

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Online Learning Offers Unexpected Benefits

benefits of online learning  ClickN KIDS

According to the 2009 Department of Education’s Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning, students learning by means of online curriculum performed better than those receiving traditional one-on-one instruction.

Built on a long-standing reputation with the education community, ClickNKIDS’ online and tablet-based phonics curriculum have been a PreK-3rd grade teacher and parent-favorite for more than ten years and has been used in schools and homes throughout the U.S. and over 100 countries.


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The two-day tournament crowned five champions. The boys 8th grade ‘Legends’ division featured the Borregos, Mexico squad, which traveled more than 14 hours, from Chihuahua, Mexico to compete in the tournament. Thank you to all the coaches, players and parents for spending your Thanksgiving weekend with us. Our next stop is Grand Canyon University for the Junior HoopHall West Tournament.www.just4hoopin.org


The girls from JumpAthletic (3-0) left little doubt as they cruised in the shootout. They jumped out to an early lead and defeated AZ Elite – Gold, 30-18, in the championship game.


JumpAthletic added yet another trophy to its trophy case with a 42-37 victory over Team Legacy in the championship. JumpAthletic (3-0) advanced to the title game as the #1 seed in the pool. Team Legacy (3-1) made it to the title game with a 34-22 victory over AZ Elte – Black.

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Do Kids Prefer Reading Physical Books Over Tablets

books vs tablets  ClickN KIDS
Although one in five books is now being read electronically, the trend has not impacted the publishing industry as negatively as was once feared.  Still, e-learning tends to have a more positive impact on a student’s ability to learn and retain information than traditional methods.

ClickN KIDS (www.ClickNKids.com) specializes in interactive phonics and spelling programs and software for children, including the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, and the ClickN Kids Family Tablet.


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Jump Athletic Girls 7th & 8th Grade Basketball

Jump Athletic Basketball in Arizona

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Understanding the Role of Phonics in Reading

phonics and reading  ClickN KIDS
Phonics are an important part of kids learning to read. Fortunately, there are some great tools that can help you teach this essential skill to your children.

ClickN KIDS (www.ClickNKids.com) specializes in interactive phonics and spelling programs and software for children, including the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, and the ClickN Kids Family Tablet.


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Jump Athletic at AZ West Coast Girls Showcase – 8th Grade

Jump Athletic
The Arizona West Coast Girls Showcase was held on January 25th-26th at North Canyon High School. The purpose of the event was to evaluate the 7th/8th grade players in Arizona prior to the players entering high school. All the top club programs for the 8th grade division were in attendance. In addition, the Cal Sparks from Los Angeles participated in the showcase.Here is the evaluation release schedule for this event.

Jump Athletic Player Evaluation

Veronica Perez of Jump Athletic Team – A crafty combo guard with solid fundamentals. Gritty defender and a player who makes good decisions on the court. She played well in both showcase games.

Maddie Frederick (Jump Athletic) – Frederick shot the ball as good as anyone at the event. She has a natural stroke. Good size and length for the guard position. Solid fundamentals and a great team first approach.

http://goo.gl/m1IB0Q #jumpathletic

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Try a ClickN READ Phonics Sample Lessons

online phonics program  ClickN KIDS

With hundreds of reading and phonics programs on the market, it can be difficult to do the necessary research to find one that will work for your child; in addition, it’s important that your student enjoy the curriculum and activities. ClickN Kids offers several fun products geared toward helping a wide range of ages attain reading success.

ClickN KIDS (www.ClickNKids.com) specializes in interactive phonics and spelling programs and software for children, including the Looney Tunes ClickN READ Phonics, and the ClickN Kids Family Tablet.


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